A new style of Craft Miso & Koji
from Helsinki is now available to you.

Miso is a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting a mixture of koji, beans and salt.

MiSoLa offers miso and other koji products made from Finnish oats, rye and barley, as well as green peas.
All of misola’s products are healthy and environmentally friendly, and are produced with zero waste.
Why not try for yourself!


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Very useful Onionkoji brings lots of Umami flavour to your table.
For dressing, as a Soup Stock, you can use it for lots of dishes!
miso'n roll

Miso’n’ roll

It's healthy but also very satisfying dish.
Miso and Eggplant are the best friends forever!

Basque miso cheesecake

Miso works brilliantly with cheesecake and brings a faint caramel flavor!

Hyvät työt MiSoLa!!

Sasu Laukkonen,
Ora keittiömestari


C.I , Oulu

MiSoLa on oikein ruoan henki.

Kauri 6v, Helsinki

Our Products

MiSoLa produces miso and other koji products made from Finnish oats, rye, barley and green peas. We also have a basic range including miso made from rice koji and sweet koji.

About Us

MiSoLa is a Helsinki-based, Japanese run, small food business offering a range of miso and koji products all made in Finland using the finest Finnish ingredients.

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