Marineted zucchini with soysauce-koji

Soy sauce koji has very rich Umami flavour. Great combination with zucchini. 

<Ingredients for two> 

Zucchini 1 (n.300g)
Oil 2tbs
Soy sauce-koji 2tbs
Vinegar 1tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Salt & Pepper


1. Peal the zucchini if you desire.
2. Cut into 5mm.
3. Pinch the salt on the kitchen paper and put the zucchini on. Also pinch salt on the zucchini. And covered kitchen paper on it, then wait 30min.
4. Mix all other ingredients.
5.Heat the pan and grill both side of zucchines.
6.Combine baked zucchini and 4. in the container. 
7. Let cool in the room temperture and put in the fridge couple hours (or over night).