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Rice-Soy White Miso (S)


Sweet taste and richness. Enjoy the harmony of rice and soybeans, the classic ingredients of miso.

Perfect for miso soup, stir-fries, marinating with meat or fish and many other variations.

Made from Spanish rice and Canadian soybeans.

Ingredients: Fermented rice (46%), soybeans (23%), water (21%), salt (10%), Aspergillus oryzae

Nutritional facts / 100 g :
Energy 1019 kj/243kcal, Fat 4,4g, of which saturated 0,7g, Carbohydrates 37,2 g, of which sugars 1,2 g, Protein 11 g, Salt 9,8g

Storage Instructions : keep refrigerated at +2 – +6℃

G: Contains gluten , S: Contains soya