MiSoLa produces miso and other koji products
made from Finnish grains and peas.
We also have a basic range including miso made from rice koji.


Miso is a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting a mixture of koji, beans and salt. In addition to miso soup, miso is also used to marinate meat and fish, and as a dip for vegetables. It is also interesting to note that even in Japan, each region and family has its own unique style of making miso. The variety of koji and beans used to make miso allows for a wide range of taste variations.

Oat-Pea White Miso


Deep flavour, in flake form. Our Oat-Pea Miso is made from fibre-rich Oat-koji and green peas, and is easy to use. This miso is also suitable for those who are concerned about gluten or allergic to soya free.

Rice-Soy Miso (S)


Sweet taste and richness. Enjoy the harmony of rice and soybeans, the classic ingredients of miso. Perfect for miso soup, stir-fries, marinating with meat or fish and many other variations.

Barley-pea White Miso (G)

mugimiso kaura

With the slight sweetness of barley and peas, Barley-pea White Miso is used not only for cooking but also for making sweets. It does not contain soybeans.

Barley-Soy White Miso (G)(S)


The sweetness of barley and the depth flavour. It is also recommended to blend it with other white miso.

Koji & Koji Products

Koji is the fermentation of grains and beans by the growth of Aspergillus oryzae. It is widely believed that koji has been used in Japan since the Nara period (710-794), about 1300 years ago. Many seasonings and other foods essential to Japanese cuisine, such as miso, soy sauce and vinegar, are derived from koji, and in 2006 koji was designated the “national fungus” by the Brewing Society of Japan.

Shio koji


Shio koji is a very popular seasoning in Japan. It can be used as a substitute for salt and it brings out the flavour of meat, fish and vegetables while making them tender.

Soy sauce koji (G)(S)

soy sauce-koji (rice)

Soy sauce koji has a milder and more savoury taste than soy sauce itself. It is also versatile as a sauce for main dishes.



Amazake’s “ama” is for sweet. The only ingredients used to make Amazake are rice koji, cooked rice and water, with no added sugar or sweeteners. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals and can be drunk as it is, or added to smoothies and cakes.

All of MiSoLa’s koji are fresh koji. Perfect for making miso,
handmade shio-koji, soy sauce-koji and amazake.







G: Contains gluten S: Contains soya