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Very useful Onionkoji brings lots of Umami flavour to your table.
For dressing, as a Soup Stock, you can use it for lots of dishes!
miso'n roll

Miso’n’ roll

It's healthy but also very satisfying dish.
Miso and Eggplant are the best friends forever!

Amazake Chia Pudding

Healthy amazake Chia Pudding is the perfect for breakfast and a treat.
No added sugar but amazingry sweet!

Sweet Miso-sauce with salmon

MiSoLa's Sweet Miso-sauce with salmon or your favorite fish!
It suits your daily meal, also for the party dish!

Shio-Koji / Soy sauce-Koji

Let's make homemade Shio-Koji / Soy sauce-Koji!

Marineted zucchini with soysauce-koji

Soy sauce koji has very rich Umami flovour. Great combination with zucchini. 

Miso pumpkin soup

Used also ginger, which warms the body. Suitable for autumn and winter dining tables.

MiSoLa Dip

Just 2 ingredients and Mix together.
Enjoy with your favorite cracker!

MiSoLa Pea Soup

Yummy Pea Soup, Ready in 15min!
Let's try Finnish traditional Pea soup with Miso!
Shio-koji Chicken

Shio-koji Chiken wings

It is the basic way to use Shio-Koji. Not only for everyday dining, but also for parties. Popular menu for children.